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Murphy's Farm Market & Bakery Murphy's Farm Market & Bakery Alliston, ON, L9R 1V2

Murphy’s Farm Market and Bakery is a 5th generation family farm that celebrates the small everyday moments and experiences that bring people together. Located in Alliston, Ontario, their award winning farm is open seasonally to visitors for fresh produce and hand crafted baking. They have grown to reach a global market through their online courses at MurphysMadeFromScratch.com building a community celebrating the farm to table movement. To learn more visit MurphysFarmMarket.com .

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Applewood Farm Winery Applewood Farm Winery Sunderland, ON, L0C1H0

Applewood Farm & Winery has been producing unique, award winning fruit wines, Cider and Meade for over 20 years. Our wines are made from fruit harvested right here on our farm, as well as fruit supplied by other local farms. We look forward to welcoming you our new farm and winery. Applewood Farm ~ North of Port is a great destination for young and old to enjoy a little bit of the country, close to the city. We are a family run, family friendly farm and winery. We invite you and your fam...

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